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  Photographer - Robert Ryder  
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Portland Pro Photo Photography Services
Photography Terms and conditions.

Standard Photo Shoot $125
This level includes interior and exterior coverage, takes approximately one and on half hours - including one half hour of post-production processing and generates 25 images. As a guideline this level is appropriate for properties under 3000 ft2.

Exterior Only
This level generates 1 to 3 images. ($25)

Twilight Exteriors
This level generates 1 to 3 images. ($25)

Drone Photos (FAA Licensed Drone Pilot)
You can add 5 drone photos to your standard shoot for $50 or
You can just do a outside drone Photo shoot only for $125 or
You can do a outside video drone Video shoot only for $150

Video Tour
A complete walk through with awesome video for $200
To help my real estate clients I have a program that will help you with the photos. I am using a program called "Viewshoot". This program will allow you to create an account. Then you can "book a shoot" on the calendar.  The calendar is under shoots, schedule shoots.Once done you will get an email confirmming the shoot. When the photos are done you can see a proof of them. If all is well then you can pay for them using "Stripe" This is an awesome credit card service.  After payment is complete you will get the images in "Full for print" and in "Small for web". An email will give you the links for download.

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